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1 What is Bulk Payments - Payroll?
The Bulk Payments - Payroll system allows you to submit Salary for processing using Internet.
2 What are the benefits of Bulk Payments - Payroll?
Bulk Payments - Payroll provides a single channel for you to perform salary and other payment submission to multiple statutory bodies.
3 How does Bulk Payments - Payroll work?
The authorized data entry or initiator uploads the Bulk Payments - Payroll file using BizChannel@CIMB. Upon selecting the debiting account, the file will be submitted for approval. Depending on the highest total transaction amount, the Bulk Payment - Payroll file will be queued for the respective approver(s) to authorize the payment file to be submitted to CIMB for processing.
4 How do I upload the Bulk Payments - Payroll file?
Click on the Bulk Payments – Payroll, select file format and source account. Upload the file.
5 Is there a particular file specification that I need to follow for Bulk Payments - Payroll submission?
Yes. Each Bulk Payments - Payroll payment type has specific file specifications to be complied. You may click here to download CIMB BizConverter.
6 Can I make salary payment to non CIMB account holders?
Yes, we will initiate a payment via MEPS-IBG for non CIMB account holders. If the amount is more than RM 1,000,000.00, we will initiate a payment via RENTAS.
7 When will the payment be available in the employees account?

For payment to CIMB accounts, the payment will be processed and credited on the same day including weekends and public holidays provided the transaction is approved by the authorizer(s) before the cut-off time at 6:30pm.

For payment to non-CIMB accounts, the payment will be processed and credited based on the transfer schedule below:


Transfer Schedule

Transfer Time

Funds Available at Beneficiary Bank*

Monday - Friday

  Before 5.00 am
  5.01 am - 8.00 am
  8.01 am - 11.00 am
  11.01 am - 2.00 pm
  2.01 pm - 5.00 pm
Same Day By 11.00 am
  By 2.00 pm
  By 5.00 pm
  By 8.20 pm
  By 11.00 pm
  After 5.00 pm
Next business day By 11.00 am

Saturday, Sunday, Federal Territory Public Holiday

Next business day  


* Applicable for all IBG payments and fund transfers to current accounts & savings accounts/loans and credit card payments.

* Crediting of funds to the beneficiary account is subject to the Beneficiary Bank’s standard operating procedures. Kindly check the type of Accounts accepted by MEPS participating banks. Please ensure that you enter the correct account number and should you have any doubt, please confirm with the Beneficiary Bank.

Note: This list only serves as guidance; CIMB is not responsible for any changes made by participating banks

8 Are there any constraints in terms of payment amount or number of transactions per file?
There is no limitation in terms of payment amount or number of transactions per file. BizChannel@CIMB can support large salary payment file up to 25,000 transactions per file.
9 How do I stop the payment?
Stop payment is performed on a best effort basis. You can stop the payment before the file is processed, by calling 1-300-888-828.
10 What is the cut-off time for you to upload and approve the Bulk Payments - Payroll file?
The cut-off time to upload and approve Bulk Payments - Payroll file is from 7am to 6.30pm daily including weekends and Public Holidays.
11 What happens to the Bulk Payments - Payroll file if the company account balance is insufficient?
The entire Bulk Payments – Payroll file will be rejected after 6.00pm if the company account balance is still insufficient.
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