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1 What are the different types of fund transfer available?
  • Within your own CIMB accounts.
  • Transfer to third party accounts within CIMB Bank (ie. Current/Savings/Loan/Credit Card accounts).
  • Transfer to accounts held with other banks using Interbank GIRO (IBG).
  • Transfer instantly using DuitNow via DuitNow ID or Account Number
2 When will the payment be available in the beneficiary’s account for IBG transfer?


Payment Initiated by Customers

*Funds Received by Beneficiaries

*Refund for Unsuccessful Transactions

Business Days
(Monday to Friday)
Before 5:00am Same business day By 11:00am By 5:00pm
5:01am - 8:00am By 2:00pm By 8:20pm
8:01am - 11:00am By 5:00pm By 11:00pm
11:01am - 2:00pm By 8:20pm By 11:00am, next business day
2:01pm - 5:00pm By 11:00pm
After 5:00pm Next business day By 11:00am By 5:00pm, next business day
Non-Business Days (Saturday, Sunday, Federal Territory Public Holidays) Next business day By 11:00am By 5:00pm, next business day

*under normal circumstances

1. Applicable for all IBG payments and funds transfer to current accounts & savings accounts/loan and credit card payments.
2. The maximum limit for IBG fund transfer is RM 1,000,000 per transaction.
Note: This list only serves as guidance; CIMB is not responsible for any changes made by participating banks.

3 For IBG Payment does the recipient bank perform any validation before funds are credited?
  • If you require the beneficiary bank to validate on the Beneficiary's ID with the beneficiary's account number, please key in the beneficiary ID No. correctly.
  • If you do not require the Beneficiary's ID No. to be validated, then beneficiary's bank will only validate your beneficiary's account number.
4 Is there any charge for making a fund transfer?
It depends on the type of transfer you wish to make.
  • For transferring funds between your own CIMB accounts or other CIMB accounts within Malaysia, there is no charge.
  • For transferring to another local bank using Interbank GIRO(IBG), a charge of RM0.10 will automatically apply.


5 How do I know if my fund transfer to other local bank payee is successful?
You may check the transfer status at the Information Management -> Transaction Status link.
6 Why do I need supporting documents to transfer foreign currency to a third party account?
With immediate effect, all foreign currency transfers between Residents will require supporting documents in accordance to the Foreign Exchange Administration (FEA) rule
7 Why am I unable to select Live Rate option?
Unfortunately, for foreign currency transfers between third party Residents, transactions will only be processed upon receipt of supporting documents. As such, Live Rate is not an option for this type of transaction.
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