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1 What is BizChannel@CIMB?
BizChannel@CIMB is an online portal that provides a range of products and services to suit your business needs and serve your changing financial needs. You will be able to access a complete suite of secured banking services which enables you to manage your finance anytime anywhere while maintaining full control over your accounts. Equipped with high-level security features, we assure confidentiality of your financial and organization information.
2 What are the services offered in BizChannel@CIMB?
Based on the services subscribed, organization users can accomplish these tasks using BizChannel@CIMB:


AccountServives@CIMB allows customers on-line, real-time and secure access to information through CIMB. With this service, you can:

  • View account statements and details of transactions
  • View historical data up to a specified period of time with search function ability
  • Statement downloads in various formats for ease of bank account reconciliation and seamless integration to your accounting systems
  • Advice Printing with option to embed company logo by email or physical mail
  • Maintain Favourite Account and Template for recurring payments


Payments@CIMB solutions aim to expedite payments in the most cost-efficient manner to enhance a corporate's purchase-to-pay cycle with the following solutions:

  • Bulk Payments - Payroll including salary credits, EPF, LHDN, SOCSO and ZAKAT
  • Bill Payments
  • Fund Transfer
  • Standing Instructions
  • Cashier's Order & Demand Drafts
  • RENTAS & Telegraphic Transfers


Collections@CIMB solution focuses on providing cost-efficient solutions to enhance a company's order-to-cash cycle. Value for funds and information flows for account reconciliation are enhanced via the following solutions:

  • Online Collections
  • Direct Debit - CIMB & MEPS
  • Bill Payments
  • Bulk Collections - Cheques & Cash

Foreign Exchange (FX) / Money Market (MM)

Foreign exchange features gives you access to your foreign exchange outstanding contracts, foreign exchange expiry and foreign exchange utilization for all the different product types such as spot purchase and sales, forward purchase and sales that you hold with CIMB.

3 Do I have to pay for using BizChannel@CIMB?
BizChannel@CIMB charges nominal monthly subscription fees and competitive transaction charges. However, CIMB has the discretion to impose other charges prior to which sufficient notice will be given to customers.
Transaction Types
BizChannel@CIMB Fees & Charges

Monthly Subscription

RM20 per user

Security Device Fee

RM100 per device

Telegraphic Transfer

RM6 (SGD, Indon Rupiah, Thai Baht)
RM20 (Other currencies)

Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS/RENTAS Payment/ Local Bank Transfer)

RM2 per transaction

Interbank GIRO Fund Transfer (IBG)

RM0.10 per transaction

Bulk Payments

RM0.10 per transaction

Banker's Cheque

RM5 and stamp duty of RM0.15
Stop Payment Instruction on Bulk Payment RM10 per instruction

Demand Draft
i) Local Demand Draft
- Telex / Fax charges
- SWIFT charges

ii) Foreign Demand Draft
FDD denominated in Malaysian Ringgit
FDD denominated in foreign currency less then RM5,000
FDD denominated in foreign currency more then RM5,000


No Charge

* Note: The RM0.50 processing fee on each cheque issued will take effect on 2 January 2015.

4 Is the service available 24 hours a day?
BizChannel@CIMB is available 24/7 subject to scheduled downtime for fixes or system enhancement. The scheduled downtime will be announced at the BizChannel@CIMB login page and home page after login.
5 Can I access the service from different PCs?
Yes, as long as you meet the minimum system requirements, you can access BizChannel@CIMB from any PC of your choice.
6 Can I access the service from overseas?
Yes, as long as your PC has Internet access while you are overseas, you will be able to access BizChannel@CIMB.
7 Does the bank current policy use online personal information for disclosure to third party for marketing or promotional purposes?
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